Did you know that IBM reports that 95% of Security Breaches are due to Human Error?  How often are you cleaning up a malware mess that could have been prevented if the end user was educated?

As part of HighCastle’s end-user training program, we release monthly videos that are relevant, real world, examples that resonate even with the most unsophisticated users.  In addition to video cartoon below, we also educate the end-user with a follow-up blog that tells the background story on the situation and how it happened.  This, in turn, promotes a cognitive connection to cybersecurity awareness that bolsters employee compliance with best practices.

An example of the Yahoo”Watering Hole” attack:


In this Episode, a large business acquisition is underway between Horizon and Wahoo. During the middle of the acquisition, news broke that over half-a-billion credentials were breached from Wahoo. The CEO of Horizon learned about the breach via the NINJIO News Network (NNN) and not from the CEO of Wahoo himself, which caused a major uproar and is putting the acquisition at risk.

We learn that the source of the breach was a “watering hole” attack.